Thank you, sincerely, to the Houston Masterworks Chorus for sponsoring this event. It has long been a dream of mine to form a chorus of those who would like to join in singing the TMEA All-State Mixed Choir, Men’s Chorus, and Women’s Chorus audition repertoire. The idea is that ANYONE who wishes to sing with us and has familiarity with the music is welcome – regardless of whether or not they have been accepted into the All State Choirs.


It is, of course, a huge honor in the great state of Texas to be selected to go to the TMEA Convention in San Antonio to sing with such elite ensembles. However, the audition process is quite long and rather rigorous. The Houston Masterworks Chorus and I want this kind of experience to happen for ALL!


Special thanks are due to those who teach our guest young people and the thousands of others who cross their classroom doors each day across the state. It is our hope to be able to grow this event into an annual and deeply nurturing experience for all who will receive it.


Come and sing with us!


Very sincerely yours,

Tom Jaber
Artistic and Music Director
The Houston Masterworks Chorus

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